Celebrating both Friday and World Environment Day

The World Environment Day is celebrated today. However, I think there will be more people just celebrating it’s Friday 😀 Friday is nice, but the first mentioned should not be forgotten. So therefore I thought of an easy way to combine these two: by drinking a sip or two of eco-friendly wine!


I love how the summer is finally coming to Finland. Here I’m enjoying Greener Planet-wine and the sun!

Go for organic wine. It’s better both for your health (well as healthy as wine drinking ever gets) and for the environment. A Swedish study suggested that we get quite a lot of pesticides from even smaller amounts of wine. When it comes to the bottle: Lighter PET-bottles and bag-in-boxes are more environmentally friendly because they are lighter, which means lighter transports. Glass really is better at preserving wine and glass can be recycled eternal times, but it requires a lot of energy to melt the glass to make new bottles. So if you want to minimize your CO2 footprint as much as you can, go for the bag-in-box. When it comes to PET plastic and the cardboard of the bag-in-boxes they can also be recycled as material about 10 times, so make sure to do it! In Finland you can just bring the bag-in-box back to Alko.


If you are not going to drink wine at all tonight it’s probably even better for the environment and your health. The theme of the World Environment Day 2015 is “consume with care”. So think twice before you buy something today! You can read more about WED here and watch the teaser video here. It’s a good reminder that we shouldn’t destroy the lives of other species.