As locally produced as it gets

DSC_2409 (1)After four months of watering I have finally gotten my yield! I have succeeded to grow some really good tomatoes, some really spicy chili as well as both mint and basil.

I really recommend growing herbs and other edible plants on your windowsill, it looks pretty when it’s green and it’s amazing when you can pick your own food inside your apartment. I am so happy that my little window farm succeeded! If I only had more room I could grow even more things but I think that will have to wait until I live in a house and not a small apartment. My plants will continue to grow at least as long as the sun is shining a lot.

I have been thinking about buying UV-lamps for the plants to continue to grow in the winter-darkness, but I decided that things are meant to grow in the summer. My little hobby is not important enough to be worth using the extra energy (and fossil fuels) on.

When I first started and put the little seeds in their pots, I thought it would be hard to keep them alive. With time I discovered that long as you remember to water the plants about 3 times per week it’s hard to fail! The watering has taken about 3 minutes per time so it’s not a lot of work, and my dear flatmate has been lovely to help me with the watering whenever I have not been at home.This window-farm will definitely be growing again next spring and summer, I got myself a lovely new hobby!

DSC_2408 (1)

DSC_2406 (1)_20150824_180242

To use what you already have


Tomatoes coming up! Or coming up in a while I hope… I just replanted the tomato plant into a slightly bigger pot. Looking good, right? But guess what, it isn’t a pot 😀 😀 It’s a bowl for snacks and a sour cream jar, in which I made some holes in the bottom so that the extra water can run out. I just wanted to show this as an example of how you quite often can find something usable you already have at home, instead of buying something new. And it still looks pretty (at least from the right angle 😉 )!

IMG_20150424_212036 (1)

Growing my own herbs, it’s surprisingly easy!

I’m not known for having a green thumb, but I realized that how would I ever learn if I didn’t try? I find it annoying that when you buy fresh herbs from the grocery store you a) get a ton of plastic packaging waste at the same time and b) the herbs die before you have had the time to eat them. I’m sure someone else has had the same experience!

I have to admit I felt so lost when I first started to grow the herbs. I even googled “how to grow plants” haha 😀 Well I  discovered it’s really easy, you need soil, a pot, water and seeds. Why haven’t I done this before? I’m as exited as a child to see how these plants will fare and I really hope they don’t die…  Actually,I think I need to go and water them right now.

I’m going to give you a sneak peak on how my chilli is growing! In a few months I’ll be cooking for the very first time with ingredients I have grown myself, yay!

UPDATE 2 hours later: my friend just told me that apparently I can’t have that many chili plants in one pot and that I need to move them into separate pots. I felt obliged to share this so I don’t encourage anyone else to grow herbs in the wrong way 😀 Blogging about this project seem to be a good idea, my readers notice my mistakes and I learn even faster!