The feeling of discovering a new eco-brand

Discovering a brand with clothes that actually look good and are ethically produced…I just love it. On days like this I actually enjoy shopping. It’s really annoying how many eco-brands don’t really have fashionable clothes, many go more for the hippie style which is not for me. But not all brands!

I just can’t ignore the fact about how the fashion industry usually is. The obvious things said in this video. On some days I just wish I could go in and buy myself a whole new set of clothes at like H&M, Mango or Zara. It would just be so much easier to be happy about nice looking clothes and not think about what social and environmental impacts buying them might have. I could look so much more fashionable, haha. But I’m still happy with my choice. In the end, not buying clothes from places I don’t feel good about make me feel way better than the moment of joy of having bought a new super-cheap piece of clothing.

And the best part, I discover more and more eco-brands all the time! My latest discovery is UK-based People Tree. I found their clothes in a store called Showroom 8 Björkqvist in Kluuvi, Helsinki but they also have a web-shop. Their prices are are affordable even if the clothes are ethically produced. Even better is that you get a student discount on everything!

This is very soon coming home in a really nice package!

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Where are your jeans made? These are made in Finland!

I have been participating in this challange called “A year without new clothes”. It will soon come to an end, last time I bought a new piece of clothing was in late May 2014 when I was visiting my friend in Spain! So, I have started searching for new clothes. I’m going to share a few things that I like from a Finnish webstore spezialising in ecological and ethical fashion called Yalo. This store is in no way sponsoring me, it’s just my own recommendation.

Going a year without buying new clothes hasn’t helped my overstuffed wardrobe, because I buy quite a lot second hand. But if I’m going to buy something new I want to know where it’s made and of what material! I really don’t want to support the fast fashion industry with it’s underpaid workers in Bangladesh. These jeans seem to be the most ecological ones that I have come across: they are made here in Finland, from recycled fiber! The brand Nurmi has recycled jeans for men too. One of my favorite bloggers, the Trashionista Outi Les Pyy also recommended these.

Fellusbloggbild jeans

This dress is from the same webstore by the Swedish brand Emma&Malena. I love their timeless design because then your clothes don’t go out of fashion too fast! When I buy something new I usually think: “could I wear this in 10 years too?”. If the answer is no, then I don’t buy it. I’ll have to make sure I’m still the same size in 10 years haha 😀Fellusblogg klänning