Buy things that make you feel like a good person

Lush 1

I really try to never buy anything excessive and mostly I succeed pretty well. I usually don’t fall for impulse shopping. But there is this one store…

I just love everything about it. I love the strong smell of different soaps and creams. I love all the colors. And I love that they opened a new store on Mannerheimintie here in Helsinki. I love that they don’t waste on packaging materials and recycle. I love that they are against animal testing. I love their wonderful customers service. I’m of course talking about Lush!

Lush 2

Squeaky green- my favorite shampoo

Today I was just going to check out their new store. I wasn’t planning on buying anything. But I came out of the store about 40 euros poorer…Oops. The same thing happened last time I went to Lush just to look around about a few months ago. But when it comes to that store I allow myself to let loose a little bit. I just love the feeling of buying something without feeling guilty. You know that feeling of whoops, I spent too much money on something I might not even need? Here it does not feel like that. I know the products aren’t made in sweatshops. They are handmade of partially organic ingredients.

When buying something that’s ethically produced and it’s something you know you will use, it just gives a happy feeling about spending that money.

Lush 4