Omelet: sustainable, healthy & good

Organic eggs are just the best source of animal protein! It’s healthy: a recent american study suggest that you should eat four eggs per week. I just came back from the gym (sorry no abs pictures, there is nothing to show haha) and made an omelet for me and my boyfriend. About two eggs is just the right amount of protein (25g) to recover from muscle exercise.

This omelet is really good and easy to prepare: just whisk the eggs a bit, slice up some leak and fry it. Then put everything in the frying pan and it will be ready in 5. Put some salt and pepper on and it’s delicious.

But from a sustainable point of view, why are eggs that good? Well, the chicken is an animal that doesn’t pollute much. A chicken does not eat that much and their excrement is not a big problem. Eating their eggs doesn’t mean you have to slaughter the chickens, so I don’t think it violates the animals rights in any way. As long as the chickens have enough space and are treated well. That’s why I think everyone should buy organic eggs, even if they cost more. I see it as paying rent per square-meter  for the chickens, the more expensive the eggs are, the more room for the chickens which means they’ll have a more pleasant life.