The feeling of discovering a new eco-brand

Discovering a brand with clothes that actually look good and are ethically produced…I just love it. On days like this I actually enjoy shopping. It’s really annoying how many eco-brands don’t really have fashionable clothes, many go more for the hippie style which is not for me. But not all brands!

I just can’t ignore the fact about how the fashion industry usually is. The obvious things said in this video. On some days I just wish I could go in and buy myself a whole new set of clothes at like H&M, Mango or Zara. It would just be so much easier to be happy about nice looking clothes and not think about what social and environmental impacts buying them might have. I could look so much more fashionable, haha. But I’m still happy with my choice. In the end, not buying clothes from places I don’t feel good about make me feel way better than the moment of joy of having bought a new super-cheap piece of clothing.

And the best part, I discover more and more eco-brands all the time! My latest discovery is UK-based People Tree. I found their clothes in a store called Showroom 8 Björkqvist in Kluuvi, Helsinki but they also have a web-shop. Their prices are are affordable even if the clothes are ethically produced. Even better is that you get a student discount on everything!

This is very soon coming home in a really nice package!

frances-printed-trousers-in-navy-0e558a673f23 piper-panel-coat-in-navy-size-8-90042716594b sara-broderie-camisole-in-eco-white-c921574b0d94