Sustainable brands, there’s more and more of them!

pexels-photo-547557.jpegWhen mainstream shops start offering a sustainability section for clothes, it becomes so much easier to combine style and sustainability! We need clothes to keep us warm, for sure. But we also use them to express ourselves! Having a wide variety of clothes to choose from might be a western luxury but many people, including myself, do feel like it’s important to really get to choose what you wear. Combining a wide range of choice with sustainability has however not really worked out that well. But now change has started happening!

Two or three years ago, I had to order clothes or shoes to Finland from for example France or the UK, if I wanted to buy anything marked as a sustainable brand. No more! The web shop Zalando now offers a “sustainable development” choice in the “filter by…” section. When you tick that button, all the page shows you is more sustainable than the market average. They have over 500 items of clothing in that section! I realised that if people always just automatically ticket that box, you would not even see and be tempted to buy anything that’s not marked as sustainable. With functions like that, it’s so easy to choose sustainable that you don’t have to be a major environmentalist to do it.

Obviously, buying more and more new things will never make the world more sustainable. But if you are buying new clothes anyways, switching to more sustainable brands and materials can make a huge difference globally.

My five favourite sustainable brands

  1. Filippa K (clothes)

  2. Veja (Sneakers)

  3. Bourgeois Boheme (shoes for work)

  4. Under the Same Sun (yoga wear)

  5. Monkee Genes (jeans)


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