It starts with a Spark! The founding of a company

_DSC2957-3 smaller (1).jpgI have co-founded a company called Spark Sustainability! Above, you can see my awesome team: Anna T., Amanda, Anna E. and Johanna. Spark is all about spreading information about how individuals can help stop climate change. It’s about positive encouragement and reminding you that many small actions add up to something big and significant. You can subscribe to our newsletter at  I still think that governments should take more responsibility for stopping climate change, but as long as they just keep being a bit useless, every one of us can do as much as we can by ourselves! After all, 70% of global GHG:s can be linked to individual choice.The website also has a carbon calculator, making it easy for everyone to start seeing where their carbon footprint really comes from. Spark will help everyone make better one’s.

Already a couple years ago, I was writing on different blog pages trying to find someone to keep a sustainability blog together with. I wanted to share my message in a more professional way, but I also did not want to spend 20 hours a week on my personal blog. Back then I did not find anyone, and I kept blogging here. So when Amanda, who has studied environmental and energy technology, asked me last summer if I want to co-found a platform for inspiring positive climate action, I was THRILLED! I get to keep writing about climate change, but I can develop, learn, become better and more professional.

A study by UNEP showed that sometimes environmentalist actually put people off the idea of sustainable lifestyles, because some loud environmentalists act like suffering martyrs who sacrifice a lot. An environmental lifestyle can actually add more happiness too, by increasing health, connection to local community, the joy of learning and being in nature, just to mention a few. While I personally sometimes get angry and annoyed at both myself and the world for not being more sustainable I have realised that negative comments often are a mistake. I recently received a comment on my blog which really criticised me for flying. She was factually 100% correct, but the comment still hurt. Also, I noticed that an angry comment did not increase my motivation for taking the train next time at all.  I am learning more and more that positive encouragement is much more likely to make people change. Tell me that you’ll be proud of me when I take the train, and I will. This attitude is what Spark is all about, telling people how they can do good and making them feel good about themselves. That’s why I am so happy to be a part of this new company!

We will launch in less than a month! Wiihiii!


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