Trendy, sustainable shoes for this spring

Hey guys! I wanted to share my two favourite shoe brands at the moment. Buying good shoes is quite important I think. Shoe’s are a consumer product which is very difficult to recycle. I don’t know any organisation that would recycle old and broken shoes, so they just go to landfill or end up being burned at a trash incinerator. Shoes are being thrown away at such a rate that getting good quality ones made from sustainable materials really makes sense.

If you already have a pair of nice spring shoes, please do not get another pair. But if you have already worn your shoes for several years and they are literally falling a part, have look at these two brands: Veja and Nae! Vejas shoes are sold at several web-shops, for example Zalando.

The black shoes at the bottom from Veja are made out of Tilapia-fish leather, how cool is that? Tilapia is also quite sustainable to eat if you compare to it to salmon, since it’s a Tilapia is a fish that eats only vegetarian food which means there’s less energy wasted in the food chain. The brown ones are vegan shoes, made from organic cotton. The velcro shoes are so cool but they’re made from cow-leather, and even if this particular leather is tanned with less chemicals than normally, I’m a bit unsure about the sustainability. Better than “normal high-chemical” leather at least!

And Nae is of course made of the all time favourite material Pineapple leather. Sustainable shopping is the absolutely easiest way to make a sustainability impact: you are not sacrificing anything but still you can contribute to making a difference. I’m considering buying the black Tilapia ones, I think they’re gorgeous. But I’ll have to keep considering for another couple of weeks, I want to buy shoes I can be happy wearing for the next 3-4 years!

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