Going vegan – difficult? Not if you go Ambronite



Last weekend, I went skating with my sister which was a lot of fun. I had already cooked myself a nice lunch but I knew I would be hungry before being back home again. And being able to buy a vegan snack at the cafe by the ice rink wasn’t something I counted on. Vegan! Difficult? Crazy? Unnatural? Or more like environmentally friendly, healthy and less animal cruelty?

I’ve been a pescetarian for almost 3 years now,  meaning I eat fish, milk products and eggs but no meat. Even if my diet hasn’t included meat, a transition to a vegan diet required a little bit of thinking. I had a little hack that made my vegan month possible: it’s called Ambronite. It is a smoothie made from a powder that you simply mix with water. I tried another similar one called Joylent too, you can read my review here, but to be honest: I like Ambronite more.

5 reasons to recommend Ambronite:

  1. It’s produced on all natural ingredients
  2. It’s not too different from a normal smoothie, it doesn’t seem like “fake food”
  3. It has no animal products making it cruelty free and environmentally friendly
  4. It’s incredibly fast to make, but gives me the same energy as a warm meal that takes a lot more time to make
  5. It’s healthy, if you don’t have time to cook, you’d usually eat sandwiches but now you can eat much healthier on the gocapture

The only negative side for me is the price since it’s a bit expensive, but I have become slightly addicted to this time-saving, healthy, vegan, environmentally friendly smoothie. The taste is interesting, because half of people who has tried it hate it and half love it. I think it’s great with nettles leaves, nuts and berries. It really tastes natural and the ingredients seem to be of high quality. If you want to try it, I suggest you order a “try out” pack of 3 bags for only about 5 euro.  Use the code NOM to get it! Update: right now you get the starter pack of 3 for free with this link.

I tried Ambronite the first time in January and ordered 3 of their breakfast pack. I liked it so much that I emailed them and asked if I could get a sample of their full-meal version for free, if I wrote a blogpost about them. I approached them solely because I thought their product was so good I wanted more of it! For comparison, Joylent is a cheaper option at around 3-4 euro per meal but that again isn’t from natural ingredients. Joylent is a great way to save environmental resources, Ambronite is healthier and has even better ingredients, I think. A full meal Ambronite costs about 8 euros. For a student, that’s a lot of money for a meal. I still think it’s worth it and in the end it doesn’t become too expensive if you only have a couple of them per week. I always keep a bag of Ambronite in my bag just in case there isn’t a vegetarian or vegan option available. This has been such a great dinner on busy days!

Even if you’re not vegetarian, I’d recommend Ambronite for health and environmental reasons. This is the easiest way there ever was to cut down on your meat consumption and get healthy with no effort!

This blog post is produced in cooperation with Ambronite. I have not been paid to write it, but I have received samples of their full meal smoothie.

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