I’m in love with these sustainable luxury handbags






I won’t buy a new bag until I can afford these two. The Finnish sustainable high-end brand Lovia has absolutely lovely products. I’ve been dreaming about this bag for a while now, but at the price of roughly 500 euro, I can’t afford it now.

The thing is, I don’t mind waiting. When I say I won’t buy a new bag, I mean brand new bag. I will be perfectly happy with buying secondhand handbags until I can afford something that is sustainably produced and that is so lovely I know I will cherish for years. For me, sustainable consumption of new things means to buy high quality that you use for many years or that has value to sell to someone else.

If you’re going to buy an expensive bag, like a Louis Vuitton bag, why don’t you put that money into buying a luxury bag made from reused leather or leather from wild, free animals? Louis Vuitton leather is often from calves. Not only do I think it’s ethically questionable to slaughter calves at the age of just a few months old just to get a handbag, but the cattle industry is also very damaging for climate change. So next time you have the chance to buy an expensive handbag, look at sustainable brands like Lovia!

Happy sustainable shopping!

xo, Felicia



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