Other wonderful green bloggers

I follow a few other great blogs with sustainability theme’s, some of them in English, some in Finnish and Swedish. Some of them are professional, where running the blog is a full time job, others are people that I know who want to document their lifestyle changes at the really beginning of ‘going green’. I want to share all of these with you guy’s so you have something great & green to read even on day’s when I don’t update!

I’ll start with the smaller blogs in Finnish and Swedish, scroll down for the English speaking ones.

My friend Amanda blogs in both Finnish and Swedish at amandapasanen.fi. She is running as a candidate in the local election for the Green party, so she has a lot of very wise thoughts about sustainability while living in a city! Amanda is also an environmental science student, so she knows a lot about this stuff.

A Swedish-language blog from Finland that I really like is Grön i Åbo. That’s focused on zero waste too, but also on environmentalism in general. I really like reading it because the girl writing it is about the same age as me and from the same country so it’s just really easy for me to understand the way she’s thinking, being able to get the products and do the things she recommends.

My friend Otso just started blogging in Finnish at Get Wasteless. I can’t wait to follow his journey towards a life that creates less waste!

Two more known Finnish blogs are also Kemikaalicocktail (The Chemical Cocktail). It’s absolutely great and has a lot of information about the origin of different products! The second one is “trashionista” Outi les Pyy who’s been a great inspiration for me when it comes to ethical and environmentally friendly fashion. 

Then the internationally known English speaking one’s:

Eco Warrior Princess is a blog I have followed for the past 2 years or so. It’s run by Jennifer Nini, an Australian who started blogging about eco fashion in 2010. Nowadays, it’s more a collection of blogs, which is great because you get so many texts about different things! I especially liked this text discussing Green Business labels.

Trash is for tossers by New York city based Lauren Zinger, who creates so little waste that she can fit it all in a little jar! She provides great tips about what disposable products you can easily replace with long lasting ones to create less waste. Lauren studies environmental science and I think her blog shows beautifully how she applies what she learned to real life.

Bea Johnson blogs at Zero Waste Home about the same theme, not producing waste! I admire her and her home for it’s minimalism. It’s cool, modern, practical and environmentally friendly. She does, however, indirectly advocate travelling by plane by describing her lifestyle which is a bit against environmental values. But on the other hand, I use airplanes myself so I shouldn’t be too critical.


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