Rain in January

It’s raining in Helsinki today. In January, it’s not meant to rain in Finland. It’s meant to be snowing! So today seems like a good day to post a video I made two years ago. My thought behind making this video, was to encourage people to put more pressure on politicians, to vote and demand that our politicians make sustainable decisions. My little sister, who’s 7 years old in in the video is an example of someone who really isn’t causing climate change, but will have to live with the consequences.It has English subtitles so everyone understands even if we speak Swedish and Finnish in the film. Scroll down to watch!

Most climate scientists think climate change is going to have an especially drastic impact on Arctic regions. Half of Finland is within the artic circle, and we might really loose very unique nature. In Lapland, winter-sports tourism will suffer from a lack of snow and in the future Finnish children might also not be used to playing in the snow every winter.

Some might say that they don’t like the cold and are happy for a warmer climate, but I think it’s sad if we loose our diverse nature. The EU makes it really simple to move further south if you don’t like snow. The climate on earth has always changed, but the changes that are happening now would naturally take thousands or even millions of years. Now humans are speeding up that change to a level that only catastrophic events like massive erupting volcanos or meteorits have ever caused before. By doing that, humans are only making things worse for themselves.

In the next election where you can vote, do you think you will consider climate policy when choosing your candidate? You can comment below to answer!

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