2200 kilometres later

2200 km, that’s approximately how long I’ve travelled by train and a short bit of boat. I hope my boyfriend got me good Christmas presents. By flight, the distance from London to Helsinki is about 1850, but considering how delayed any landings at Heathrow are, I’d say those extra circles around all of London makes the flying distance about 1900 km.

Now I’ve arrived safely in London, and I’m really happy with my trip! I would absolutely recommend travelling by train, not just for environmental reasons but for the experience. Anyone who’s been on Inter-rail knows what I’m talking about. Those of my friends who have done train-travelling have done quite long Inter-rail trips, of one month or so, but I think it’s important to remember that you don’t need to commit for a full month just to travel by train! I’ve committed about 48 hours for this, and I really enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, poor WiFi connections along the way and a broken cable for transfering videos has made it impossible to keep you posted about my journey almost real time. But the film clips are already filmed so obviously I will share them with you!

I will post the video’s over the next few days, so if you’re still interested in knowing what it’s like to travel on your own through Europe by train, check in again! In theory, I could upload videos now but I can’t, I need to sleep. I slept only 6 hours on the boat because I was so hyped over the trip and then only 4 hours sleep on a train without a proper bed. That’s just too little for me!

Next time I travel longer distances by train, I might get a hostel for one night. My first goal, however, will be to get in touch with some rail companies between Sweden and Germany and tell them to get night trains with beds in them! Sleeper trains are the best, but there were none available on the whole journey from Stockholm to London.

Total cost of trip:

Interrail ticket that covered all train journeys except the Eurostar: 180 euro

Ferry between Turku and Stockholm: 50 euro

Eurostar train from Brussels to London: 110 euro

In total: 340 euro

Price compared to flying: 2x more expensive by train, but I did get to see 6 extra cities along the way. Flying Helsinki-Stockholm-Copenhagen-Hamburg-Hannover-Köln-Brussels-London would probably be at least 400 euro.


Done with train stations for now, time to enjoy London!

Goodnight dear readers and lovely friends who took the time to follow my trip ❤

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