Most night trains in northern Europe are gone and I had a horrible night

On the whole, I’m super happy with my train journey. In this video I’m the opposite of happy, I’m quite grumpy and negative. The reason I’m so grumpy is that I couldn’t get a full nights sleep without paying for a hostel, which I thought was unnecessary. Travelling while sleeping is the best, you don’t even notice you’re on a train for 8 hours. With a sleeper train, you can just wake up refreshed in a new destination. This isn’t possible nowadays, so look how it goes instead.

This is a video I’ll e-mail to legislators in the EU as well as train companies in Sweden, Denmark and Germany to ask them to put in more night trains. These 15 are the only sleeper trains in all of Europe. Many of them are only within one country such as the Finnish sleeper from Helsinki to Lapland and most of the few international sleeper trains run only in the summer. In the video, I’m taking a “night train” from Copenhagen to Hamburg, that wasn’t a sleeper train. Sitting in a chair from 23:30 to 4:40 really isn’t a full nights sleep.


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