Skip wasteful gift-wrap, re-use and recycle

I love beautiful gifts, and I would never give a Christmas present that’s not wrapped at all. Today, many of you are probably busy wrapping Christmas gifts. Even though you might not think about it while wrapping gifts, you also probably remember the huge pile of paper gift-wrap you put in the bin after every Christmas. Not a very nice pile, I think.

So don’t make that pile of waste! It’s pretty self evident that any kind of waste is a waste of natural resources! What to do instead? Skip packaging the presents at all? You don’t have to do that! Instead…

  1. Wrap your gifts in used newspapers from the paper-recycling bin
  2. Open presents carefully each year and re-use the paper
  3. Get beautiful boxes or giftbags to pack presents in that can be easily re-used
  4. Buy re-usable ribbon made out of fabric, never cut it very short to make it easier to use again!

My little sister is now 9 and I have finally managed to get her to open her gifts somewhat nicely so the paper can be re-used! By this I think I have proved that anyone over 9 years of age is able to open their presents in a way that allows for re-using the gift paper.

This is a gift I made for my friend, the gift paper is a page from a magazine, the ribbon has been used at least 3 times and the card is made from a cut out piece of a wedding invitation I got last summer!

God jul.jpgGift card xmas.jpgxmas gift.jpgRed ribbon.jpeg

I’m so happy that you are reading my blog and wish you a very Merry Christmas!

xo, Felicia

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