First day at Slush!

“Excuse me sir, that belongs in the organic waste bin!” – Me & the rest of the Sustainability team

That sentence sums up my day. I’m volunteering for the Slush Sustainability Team. So, I spent my day advising people how to recycle at the event! For those who are not sure what Slush is, it’s a big event for startups and investors that attracts visitors from all over the world. Innovators of tech and other start-ups come and show their latest inventions, in hope of raising funds. With over 20.000 visitors, recycling becomes an important tool to manage waste.

I had a great time at Slush. The other Sustainability Team members are so great, so nice to meet people who also think recycling is important! After my volunteering tasks, I heard interesting talks about things ranging from Virtual Reality to Sex Tech. The coolest thing was probably trying a VR headset for the first time. Oculus Rift blew my mind!

_20161130_205124 ok.jpg

Since I’ve explained this so many times today, I might as well do it once more! This is how we recycle at Slush:

Incinerable- that’s all things dry that can’t be easily recycled but can be burned to create energy (in other words: energy waste)

Organic – food waste and our awesome biodegreadable coffee cups

Cans and bottles- the only bin everyone very clearly understands

Paper – paper is that thin thing you write on. It is NOT plastic candy wrap. It is also NOT cardboard coffee cups. Repeat: paper is thin. Paper is thin. Keep going until you learn the difference between paper and cardboard.

Cardboard – a pizzabox is the perfect example. Any cardboard that is DRY and also isn’t biodegreadable (because then it goes into organic waste)

I’m really proud of Slush and the recycling possibilities in Finland. It’s not as good even in other industrialised countries! For example, New York seems to be in need of a recycling start up!

“Wow, you guys are so great at this! Do you know how we do in NYC? Just one bin bag!” – Slush visitor from New York

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