Trump, how much damage will he do?

Will he do any damage at all when it comes to climate politics? We can’t really know but we can speculate. On the day Trump won the US presidential elections I wrote a blogpost where I expressed serious concern over the future of the Paris agreement. A lot of people I know were and are still very worried about his impact. 

I’m still concerned but there are several things giving me hope. First of all, new clean technology has come so far and is offered at quite competitive prices. No matter what Trump does, if solar power is actually cheaper than coal, then why would someone use coal? We’re not quite there yet but we’re really close. In some locations, solar is already cheaper. The second reason to be positive is Trumps recent comments to New York Times: he’s open to look into whether human caused climate change could actually be a threat.

There is still a lot of hope in making the goals of Paris agreement happen!

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