Great apps! Cheap food – less food waste

About two months ago my Norwegian friend tipped me about this app called Too Good To To. When I visited her in Oslo she had just picked up some yummy stuff from the local bakery for a ridiculously low sum! The point is that restaurants sell leftover food that would otherwise go to the bin, for very cheap. The app report a pickup time for the food – usually when the restaurant cloeses. I heard it’s in use in London too! Check out the UK website here.

When I came to Helsinki I was disappointed to notice that Too Good To Go isn’t used here. But no problem, I soon discovered there is a competitor of Too Good To Go that’s established here: ResQ Club! I’m thinking about buying sushi tonight, 12 pieces for 5 euro, anyone? Check out ResQ by clicking here.


A really nice feature with ResQ Club is that you can type in your diet as a search criterion. So I can search for vegetarian meals only. So perhaps I’ll skip the sushi and go for some Indian instead… I’ll let you know what I chose! Really recommend these apps for anyone.

Additionally to Helsinki, ResQ is currently used at least in Stockholm, Tallinn and Amsterdam. If you work in a café or a restaurant and you have to throw away food every day, make sure to suggest that they take a food rescuing app into use!

UPDATE: It ended up being sushi because someone else snatched the Indian food. Really delcious, and I have to say it felt quite nice to know that I rescued this food from being thrown in the bin!


I want to point out that I do not, out of principle, do any kind of cooperation with businesses. I make my honest reviews about companies and get nothing in return. Would I ever get anything in return from writing about a business, I would clearly state that this is the case, and I would still give my honest opinion about the company. I don’t do any regular advertisements here and the if ads are shown they are run by WordPress.

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