Trump can do what he wants in the US, but what about everyones climate?

A lot of the hope the Paris agreement gave me, has been blown away by the results of the American presidential elections. Many americans are known to often have different values and ways of looking at things than us here in the Nordic countries. That’s fine, having different values in different places is okay.

If you want astronomic university fees and no taxes? Fine by me, you do you, at your place.

If you want to carry guns everywhere? Fine by me, you do you, at your place.

If you don’t want to help people from poorer countries? Fine by me, other countries with other political wills are going to help instead. You do you, at your place.

If you want to vote for a candidate who doesn’t stand for gender equality? Fine by me, if women voted this way or didn’t manage to get their brothers, husbands and fathers to vote differently, that’s really your problem. If the majority of Americans want all women to be left in the kitchen, fine by me.

The list could go on with things I disagree with but there’s one point where the answer isn’t the same.

Trumps climate policy stance affects the entire world. It affects the entire world for centuries. It affects me, it affects my future children. I want to be able to go out with them and play in the snow, not in the rain! But by the time the snow will be gone, Trump will be dead. Not because of assassinations, just because of age. Who are we going to blame then? Who are we going to make pay for fucking up our world?

And actually, never mind the snow or not! Half the world will struggle with getting food when crops fail. Trump has no stance on climate policy at all, and my last hope is that the reason for that is just to keep an image to get votes. But the republican party, who is in power now, is known for funding fake research institutes to prove human intensified climate change doesn’t exist. That’s alarming enough to become upset. Trump has time after time proved that he does not care much about science or facts.

The rest of the world will have to compensate a lot for still making sure the Paris agreement is held, if America drops out.


The view from my bedroom window. I love waking up and watching the snow. I want my children and grandchildren to experience the same.

ps. I apologise for possible spelling mistakes in this text, I’m in a hurry to a lecture.

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