Wok for lazy Sundays

If you want to save natural resources without actually changing your life too much, switching to a more plant based diet is the way to go. So many scientific reports are showing that meat production leads to pollution, deforestation and simply is a waste of energy in the food chain. On a global average, going vegan saves most resources. Read more about my thoughts on veganism at the end of this post.

Here comes an entirely vegan recipe! We chose to sweeten it with honey which doesn’t make it totally vegan but close enough for me, you can use something else that’s sweet instead if you want. It’s really simple to make and perfect for days when you’re more interested in relaxing than cooking.


Last week me and my friend Amanda were really tired after the gym and both really hungry. So we decied go to her place and make this wok. I think that it was about 30-40 minutes from when we stepped out of the gym until the food was served on the table. And we did go to the supermarket on the way home! So just a tip, save this recipe for days when you are already practically starving when you start cooking. Soy is a quite good plant based protein to eat right after the gym, working on getting those abs to show a bit 😉 This recipe is fast, simple and healthy. Just how I love it.


Red kale, as much or little as you want

1 Organic cold-smoked tofu

4 carrots

1 onion

3-4 “blocks” of noodles, any kind



2 tablespoons of honey

Put the carrots on the frying pan first, so they get soft. Cut the tofu in nice small cubes and fry everything (obviously cook the noodles first). Add a bit of honey in the frying pan to get that sweet asian taste. Top with fresh coriander and you will have a delicious meal that took about 15  minutes to prepare.


About the tofu, just plain tofu taste’s absolutely nothing. I think many people who say they hate tofu just haven’t been served properly prepared tofu, it just goes so well in a wok I’m sure most people can learn to like it! If you are really having a lazy Sunday and can’t be fussed with marinades, I really recommend buying a smoked tofu, it’s so delicious! In Finland, my favourite brand is Jalotofu. The ready-made marinated or smoked tofus cost a bit more so it’s fine buying a plain one too, just make sure to put it in a marinade before frying it. This blog has quite good tips for tofu marinades. Letting tofu soak in soy sauce, honey, lemon juice, sesame oil and chili powder (or whatever of those you have at home) already does wonders.

I eat totally vegan a couple of days a week.  However, I personally think that if you live in northern Europe, where weather conditions for agriculture aren’t always the best, locally produced organic eggs are more environmentally friendly than imported chickpeas and soybeans. With an egg for breakfast I never need to worry about if my protein intake for the day is enough as already breakfast contained 25% of the protein I need per day. Dairy is a bit so-so, best to consume only in small amounts. But even imported soybeans are way more eco-friendly than beef and pork produced in your own country! So enjoy your tofu wok with a good conscience.

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