“Try to discuss climate change with anyone and they just tune out” – Leonardo DiCaprio

I really relate to that quote. Most people are just a bit awkward on the topic. You shouldn’t be. You should be informed, a little angry and demand more from our political leaders! Everyone should have an opinion on how to solve issues relating to climate change. The opinions can differ, someone wants to buy a hybrid car whereas someone else wants to ban private cars altogether. The point is, everyone should know enough on this to have an opinion. And that’s where “Before the Flood” becomes important.

I have to say I’m quite surprised there are not more celebrities speaking out about climate change. Precisely for that reason, Leonardo DiCaprios engagement in climate issues is so admirable and so important. He might live a typical western lifestyle on many aspects but the attention he brings to these issues can inspire the rest of us to live more sustanable lifestyles than he does. And Leonardo, meanwhile you should stop flying private jets.

The movie is very informative and well done. A lot of the information I already knew, but it was interesting to get an insight into how oil is actually extracted from sand. I also like it how they bring attention to the environmentalism in Sweden, they do seem to be very progressive in environmental politics in our western neighbour country. I do recommend watching it, especially if you think you don’t know too much about climate change. “It seems to be aimed a bit at Americans who don’t have a clue about climate change” was what my boyfriend thought. Perhaps some of the facts are things I consider to be quite general knowledge but it’s not a waste of time to watch even for those of  us who know more. It’s a really good summary of many things, a good way of getting a overview on climate action.

I think the most important thing this movie does, is to be one more reminder than we need to change our society. We need those reminders over and over again.

In 2015, I did not fly at all. I took the bus all the way to Lithuania from Finland when I wanted to travel. In 2016 I didn’t do as well, I have been on an airplane for a total of 14 times in this year. Seven short roundtrips in Europe emits an enormous amount of CO2.

I know flying is not good for the environment, I need more reminders like this. I’m not likely to stop flying altogether but this movie made me decide that next time I go to London, I will take the train. Not because that makes a difference in emissions, but to raise attention to the utter stupidity of travel prices: within the UK, within Finland and within Norway domestic flights cheaper than trains! Not to speak of international travel, a trainticket from Stockholm to London is three times more expensive than a flight. On top of that I also have to pay for the boat from Helsinki to Stockholm. We need to politically change these prices with taxes and subsidies! I can’t make trainrides more popular than flights on my own, but I’ll do something to show our leaders that they need to set the taxes right on this.

I hope the movie inspires you too, to fight for a change. To fight for our leaders to set the legislation and taxation is such a way, that it’s easy for us to live environmentally friendly lives. I wonder what Leonardo would think if there was a global aviation ban on private jets…

We need reminders, constantly, or we turn lazy. So thanks, Leonardo DiCaprio for once more motivating me to keep trying to live a more environmentally friendly life. It is up to all of us!

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