Vegetarian recipe: Mushroom pie

My vegetarian recipes are meant to be a simple inspiration for those who would like to eat more vegetarian food, but are so used to cooking with meat that they are not sure what vegetarian food to make. Of course it’s hopefully a nice inspiration to try new dishes for those who are already used to making vegetarian food too!


I baked the pie late at night so I apologise for the photo quality, could have done with a bit more light. I made it almost a month ago, when the mushrooms were freshly picked in a forest nearby Helsinki . But lately blogging has been slightly demanding since my laptop came with a factory fault and has been at the repair shop twice in the last month. Today’s “quality” technology, you know…

So, vegetarian food! Pies, or quiche as it’s called, is one of my favorurite vegetarian dishes. Loved them before I became a vegetarian, which was about 2 years ago, and I still love them.

This particular pie contains chanterelles (chantarellus tubaeformis/trumpetsvamp) which is very common in the Nordic countries but try it with any kind of mushroom you find in your local supermarket! This recipe with button mushrooms and swiss brown mushrooms looks good.

I made a silly little video while I was baking the pie, where you can see how I made it.

The best way to make sure your quiche is healthy is to skip the wheatbased pastry and do it with buckwheat(bovete,tattari) instead. It’s much tastier than wheat and its a better form of energy for you, compared to white flour that mostly turns into sugar in your body.

The best and simplest pie crust:

3 dl buckwheat flour

70 g butter (can be replaced with margarin or use oil only)

1/2 dl olive oil

1/2 dl water


If the pie dough is too dry, just add more water and if there’s too much water, add more flour. Try to get a dough thats easy to work into the pie tin.

The pie contains the amount of mushrooms I picked in the forrest near Helsinki, my guess it that in volume it’s a bit less than one liter. Additionally, I fried one red onion with a garlic clove and poured one 2,5 dl Oatly’s oatbased “cream” mixed and eggs over all of it and lastly add the cheese. So the ingredients are 1/2-1 liters of mushrooms, one red onion, 2,5 dl of oatcream, 3 eggs and approximately 50-70 grams of cheese. Remember to add a bit of salt and pepper! 

The pie goes well with a salad made of baby spinach leaves. Bon appetit!


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