Pineapples into drinks and bags!

Piña Colada and Piñatex! How awesome is it when the byproduct of one of your favourite drinks can suddenly be turned into bags, shoes and accessories?

Not long ago, I argued that buying leather is not that bad as long as you use the products for a long time. Mostly, because I find poor-quality, plastic, fake-leather really unsustainable. If I advocate for a vegetarian diet, I should really stop buying leather. Anyone who has seen Cowspiracy get’s why it’s probably for the best to give up leather if there’s a good alternative. Although the documentary is quite exaggerated when it comes to e.g. the statistics they use, it has a valid point.

Piñatex is a newly developed textile that is simply awesome. It was all over the news about a year ago, but everyone should know about this awesome product. It’s durable. It’s biodegradable. It uses significantly less resources than leather production. And while I do think death is a part of life, it’s quite nice when no one has to die for your shoes. It’s made from pineapple leaves! The leaves are just a byproduct, we still get to keep the actual pineapples for Piña Coladas!


Like Pinatex on facebook or Instagram to see what all new purposes it’s used for! In need for new shoes? I think these Pineapple shoes from NAE look quite nice!


Kuvahaun tulos haulle NAE - Bare (black pinatex) - vegan sneakers

I found this particular model at an Australian web store which seems a bit excessive when it comes to shipping to, but it’s a good tip for all my friends in Australia! NAE:s shoes are made in Portugal and sell Pinatex winter shoes at their own web store right now. They also sell a more plain sneaker, but I personally really like the design with the zipper.



The plain Pinatex Sneaker I quite like was found on Ebay too.








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