A little forest adventure to get some food


Me and my friend Franciska went out to the forrest just an hour outside of Helsinki one day after our lectures at uni. Many forests in Espoo can be reached by bus within an hour! It takes a bit of training for the eye to find the mushrooms but once you start seeing them you see them everywhere!

_20161009_224819There’s still plenty of wild mushrooms in October. Trattkantarell, Chantarellus tubaeformis, is still growing and their yellow foot makes them hard to mix up with any poisonous mushrooms. Look for them in more moist forrest.


When I lived in London I traveled around in the UK a bit. And they really have very little wild nature. That has made me appreciate the Finnish forests and the wild food you can pick here, even more. The food is healthy and just being in the forest is healthy. It’s so peaceful and it really reminds me that nature is what we live of, therefore we need to take care of it. The Finnish forests are just so beautiful!

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The mushrooms I picked turned into a delicious quiché/pie. I’ll post the recipe for it later this week!

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