Send every girl to school!

Today we´re celebrating the International Day of the Girl Child. The UN initiative is really needed because a third of girls in most developing countries still get married before 18. Getting married usually means dropping out of school.

When a girl is sent to school she learns about her own rights. Girls with schooling are usually the ones to stand up to old traditions such as female genital mutilation. I have great respect for other cultures and other ways of doing things than in my society but when there is serious violation of someones basic health I cannot even mention respect, it’s disgust.

The greatest global impact of educating girls is to be able to stop population growth! Everyone will be able to live a better life if there are fewer humans to divide the scarce resources among. Overfishing problems, deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions will all be smaller if we´re fewer.

Turns out, educating women is the best way to control population growth. If a girls in school, it delays the age she gets married. She will know about her right to choose on reproduction. She will know about contraception methods. She will be healthier and happier. Educated women often chose to have fewer children than uneducated ones. Having just 2 children instead of 8 makes a huge difference globally.


Wayyy to many babies // Vigeland Park in Oslo

I’m sitting at a lecture at uni and I’m so happy to be a girl in today’s world. I have never even questioned that I will have the opportunity to get an education, like of course I have it! But nevertheless I am so grateful for it. I’m so grateful that women today get to chose about marriage and reproduction. I couldn’t imagine something worse than pregnancy after pregnancy, taking care of 8 children and finally dying giving birth to the 9th one. I’m so happy I got to grow up always feeling equal to boys around me, always feeling like I’m strong and I can decide for myself.


Growing up thinking I can do anything, even magic tricks!

Girls should be girls, not brides! If you want to make a global impact, I suggest donating a small sum to these organisations doing so important work: Girls not brides or Population Services International .

Go girls!!

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