Just a quick call to make a change

” Good morning, it’s Felicia living in one of the properties where your service company manages the property and waste, I just wanted to ask whether it would be possible to get a recycling bin for plastic for our courtyard?”, I say over the phone.

“Morning, you know those bins don’t really exist for private properties I think”, says the lady on the phone.

“Yes, they do. Since January 2016. Which is already over 6 months ago. There’s one for the property where my mother lives”, I try patiently explaining on the phone.

“Oh well…in that case I will have to ask you to call this other number, I can’t really answer your question”, she replies.

Well, at least now she’s informed about the possibility to recycle plastic for private households. I guess that call did something good!

Next call. Same thing again. “Hi my name is Felicia…”.

“Yeah I guess that would be a good thing but you know there are already so many  bins on the courtyard that I’m afraid there wouldn’t be room for a plastic recycling one”, the man tells me.

“But most of the mixed waste is plastic so couldn’t you just replace a mixed waste bin with a recycling one?”, I ask.

“I’ll bring it up on the next board meeting but I can’t promise anything”, he says.

“Thank you so much”, is my reply.

Well, well see. In one year there will be a plastic recycling bin on my courtyard. I’ll smoothly bring it up with other people living in my house… It just takes a bit of patience and negotiating sometimes.

Please do a favour and call your housing company and ask for the same! You’ll usually find their numbers on the wall by the entrance of a building. It’ll take you 2 minutes! If my blog post has 200 readers and all make a call, I’m sure that would have quite a positive impact on plastic recycling!! If we can already get housing companies talking about recycling on their board-meetings it’s a step forward. Next year, it’ll be much better. 

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