Oui Paris!

I just booked my ticket to Paris to go visit a friend next month! I haven’t been there since 2007 so I’m very happy both to see the city and my friend who I haven’t seen since last year.

Another thing I’m very happy about is the Eurostar train. High-speed trains are the best! Travelling by train to Paris from London, instead of flying, saves 80-90% on CO2 emissions! That’s a lot. I think flights between Paris and London should be forbidden, considering that you can take the train. Another option would be to make the train significantly cheaper than flying…

I paid 50 euros for my ticket and the journey is fast (2:15 h). It takes me about 3 hours from when I walk out of my flat, to when I’m at my friends house in Paris. That’s partly due to the fact that I live very close to the train station here in London, so I can walk there ( that’s a very eco-friendly transport method).

Flying to Paris would probably mean an overall travel time of 4 hours or even more. First I would have to take the train out to the airport, that would be about 10 pounds (14 euro). Then go through security and wait at the airport. And when in Paris, it would probably take a while before I’m in the centre of the city. And there again, the price for getting from the airport would probably be more than 10 euros. Even if you could find very cheap flight tickets, the journey to and from the airport are always so expensive that the final price is the same as for the train. When people say it’s cheaper and faster to fly than taking a high-speed train, they just don’t see the whole picture.


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