Laundry all over the place

I live in student halls here in London which is nice. I really appreciate the efforts the staff of the residence make to promote green living. They provide us with bins for recycling and send out these little e-mails where we’re encouraged to remember to turn off the lights to save energy.

As opposed to all of this, the only convenient way of drying your laundry here is by using a dryer. As most people probably have noticed, laundry will dry in the air without anyone having to make any effort to make it happen. You just have to wait. And if you’re patient enough to wait those hours you will really save a lot of energy. Probably more energy than the lights in my little room here use in a week.

It costs roughly a pound to use the dryer, in addition to the little fee I pay for using the washing machine. One more reason for drying my clothes all over the place!  Some in the kitchen I share with four other students… And the rest just in every free space in my room! It requires a bit creativity to put the laundry to dry like this, but normally you really don’t save any time by using a dryer. And the dryer makes a lot of clothes wrinkled.



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