What’s cooler than sustainable startups?

Startups and entrepreneurship, that’s cool. I mean, who isn’t dreaming of starting the next Facebook or Supercell? I attended a seminar about startups here in London last week and met awesome people who have succeeded as entrepreneurs. Many are talking but not everyone actually gets to the stage of starting a company.

Making the world a nicer place to live in is pretty cool too. You know, better health, cleaner air, less waste, more equality, happy people and nature! Combining entrepreneurship and sustainable development is definitely something I would want to do… I’m a bit scared of failing, though, which is probably why I haven’t started anything yet. Maybe in a year, I will just need to build up better ideas, more knowledge but above all: more courage! Or maybe I’ll just start next week and step out of my comfort zone, we’ll have to see.

Meanwhile, other like-minded people will keep starting companies with the exact same idea I had! So either I need to do the same idea even better or just come up with a new one. Fortunately, the more sustainable startups there are, the happier I am!

The last one I heard of is awesome buymeonce! They have pretty shoes with a lifetime warranty from brands that I hadn’t heard of before. That is absolutely awesome. As a bit of a shoe freak, I absolutely hate it when my darlings break down to a state when they are only a weak resemblance of their former beauty.



Click here to check them out. 330 pounds is not that bad for lifetime warranty!


2 thoughts on “What’s cooler than sustainable startups?

  1. Lycka till! Hoppas själv också jag skulle få något bra till stånd med att skapa ett eget företag 🙂 känns som ett ganska överväldigande projekt att starta som ung men de e ju okej att misslyckas också!


    • Tack! Nå de e just det, jag tror det sku vara lättare om man sku vara ett team så ärligt talat tror jag inte att jag kommer att få till att att starta något helt själv. Så i väntan på att träffa rätt peeps 😀


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