Two days of travelling-the night trains have disappeared

Boat and train from Helsinki to London, that’s my plan. I have this really nice planned. Train travelling has about one fourth of the emissions a plane ride has and I like travelling by train. And I am really trying to give up flying. I am going to spend the spring semester as an exchange student in London!

This would not be so hard if the states controlling their railways would co-operate a little bit with my plan. Essentially all night trains trough all of Europe don’t exist anymore- flying has become so cheap that it wasn’t profitable to have night trains anymore when most people fly. There would have been a really convenient night-train with sleeper cabins, directly from Copenhagen to Amsterdam but this was discontinued a year ago. This is a quite easy example where most governments could help out a little to make travelling more Eco-friendly, as most European railways are state-owned.

However, I have been prepared to change trains a few times. It’s not so bad. Boat from Finland to Sweden, then train Stockholm- Copenhagen, Copenhagen- Hamburg and stay the night there at a hostel. The next day I plan to continue from Hamburg to Köln, Köln to Brussels and then finally eurostar from Brussels with the underwater tunnel to London. Voila, everything planned!

Except now, a new law has been introduced that requires passport control for all people travelling between Sweden and Dennmark. This has led the Swedish railways to temporarly stop all train traffic between Sweden and Dennmark. So suddenly there is quite a big link missing in my travel plans. Making it from Sweden to Dennmark with any other transport than train would make me miss all my connecting trains and delay the whole trip by one day. A whole day, it’s quite a lot. And almost all Eurostar trains are fully booked which makes the timing even more difficult.

I’m really trying to do my very best not to fly so I will keep trying to arrange a train or bus trip to London despite these small complications.

So now I’m searching for alternative train and bus routes. I have not given up yet! And believe me, if I ever get the chance to affect any EU policy makers: the night trains trough Europe will be back making train travelling so much easier again!

Update: just found out that on the day I planned to travel all trains in Belgium are on strike. It seems like taking the train will be really really difficult…

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