Going for indulgences instead

I really tried my best. I had all the train tickets booked, it would take two days from Helsinki to London by boat and train. Only one third of the CO2 emissions compared to flying. But now there’s a chaos of sudden passport controls between Sweden and Denmark so no trains run there. And Belgium is having a train strike.

I really want to live according to what I think is right but there is still a limit to how much of my own comfort I’m willing to sacrifice. This time, I give up. The trains don’t run on like half of my trip making the original plan of travelling for 2 days impossible. It would be more like 5 days. My original plan was easy and fun, I looked forward to it. But changing from buses to trains 10 times and having crazy unplanned stop-overs. No thanks. This time I won’t serve my mission to save the world, I just bought a plane ticket.

The cost aspect is also crazy:

Flights from Helsinki to London: 120 euro

Boat and train from Helsinki to London: 260 euro

This again shows that carbon emissions is not included in our prices, this needs to change! Still, I would gladly pay that if I had a guaranteed nice trip (which was the original plan) and the climate impact would be smaller.

Even though I mostly think the idea of carbon offsetting is like indulgences I still think I’m going to donate some money for restoring forests… Or developing clean energy. The whole idea of compensating for burning fossils is ridiculous. You can compensate burning a tree by planting a new one but you can’t just quickly fossilize something to compensate for using oil or coal. But I’m feeling bad and I need an indulgence so I’m going to “compensate” anyways.

Buy a clean conscience like in the old days

This is a really good article on carbon offsetting: A complete guide to carbon offsetting. I recommend you read it if you feel bad about your flying too. I think I’m going to go for supporting this project:Bantargebang Landfill Gas Management & PowerIt’s about capturing gas, like methane, from a huge landfill in Indonesia.

Then I come back from London, it will be summer, and I will take the train, that I promise myself! Then I won’t have a date I need to arrive somewhere. This is always a better offset. This time, my introduction week at King’s College London starts in just over a week!

2 thoughts on “Going for indulgences instead

  1. När far du tillbaka till Finland? Om du vill ha resesällskap testar jag gärna en båt- och tågvariant 🙂 Det har aldrig ens fallit mig in att jag skulle kunna resa till Finland så!


    • Oi najs de sku vara super med resesällskap! Helt awesome! Jag kanske åker en gång av och an på påsken i April men sen nästa gång på sommaren, antingen början av juni eller sen senare om jag lyckas få en internship i London! Men vi kan ju kolla sen närmare om de sku tajma samtidigt?


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