Don’t panic

Buying things people don’t need with money you don’t really have, because we desperately want to show our dear one’s how much we care.

It’s now, a few days before Christmas that we usually start buying the stupid stuff just because we want to give something


Jouko Innanens picture. A funny reminder of what might actually happen to those gifts

It’s lovely giving gifts but there are ways to minimize the risk of your gifts becoming trash! Here comes a few gift idea’s:

Present card for massage

Donate to charity as gift card (

Something lovely to eat, my roomate is right now making delicious granola to give away! I made my own pesto last year

Things that get used up anyway, like soap. Or candles, check for environmental friendly candles like these. I always wish for dishwasher detergent for Christmas 😀

A gift card for home made dinner. Made that for my grandparents last year and they loved it. This is giving away of your time too and that makes it a wonderful gift!

Buy gifts fromsecondhand stores, if a person doesn’t like gifts they get the things end up at secondhand stores anyway so buying from there would not change the status quo of the amount of stuff in the world. Second hand can be lovely and cheap, I bought a really nice vintage bag for my sister last year for just a few euros.



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