Rainy weather because of climate change?

Whenever it rains in the winter, I have this feeling that is not based on any facts but rather on childhood memories and of course my dislike of rain. It’s like my childhood winters where white and my winters now are gray. But now I just found facts that might actually scientifically back up this feeling. It’s not just a feeling, it’s data from several years.

I have these lovely memories from my childhood of always playing in the snow. There used to be almost a meter of snow outside and we made lovely figures from the snow and small nests that we could crawl into. This was in the late 1990:s and early 2000:s. The winters of the 2010:s have felt warmer. Always these horrible rainy days. Yes, there has been days of snow but it usually melts away after a few days. Christmas eve last day was beautifully white, but only a few days later it rained again. But I have thought that this is just a coincidence. The weather varies from year to year, that’s just how it is. A single persons feeling has absolutely nothing to do with science.


But according to the Finnish Meteorological institutet the average temperature i Finland has actually risen 2 degrees already. For Finland, the IPCC:s (Interngovernmental Panel on Climate Change) climate target temperature is already here. So it makes sense our winters are less snowy, we have less days with minus-degrees.

Finland is cold and dark in the winter. No damn climate change is going to make this a sunny paradise between November and February. Current estimates say the average temperature in Finland might rise as much as 6 Celsius degrees. Let’s say that the temperature in the winter used to be -5, later it would be +1. Rainy, slushy, still cold and dark. Instead of bright white snow. So those who say they want climate change in Finland, please move away! All of central Europe has had rainy winters before, it’s not like we need more rainy winters. And no, the rain there isn’t going to stop as higher global temperatures always have meant more rain in the history of earth. So if you don’t like snow, move south and let other people work for Finland keeping it’s relatively unique snowy winters.

It’s scary to notice that Climate change is not in 100 years, not in 50 years, not even in 10. It has already happened. For now it just means less snow, which is fatal only for some animals. But in the long run it might means so much more than that. We cannot possibly know what but I’m not sure I want to. I really really hope they make good decisions in Paris right now.

So yeah, be angry at those decision makers whenever you step outside the door in Helsinki and make sure to vote in people who do something about it next time!

Yles reporing on Climate change: Ilmastonmuutokselle löytyi entistä pelottavampi seuraus – voi tuhota suuren osan maapallon elämää



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