Don’t buy something unless it’s perfect

I found a bag so nice that one bag replaces about four bags I used to have before and will sell now. Quality over quantity. That’s, in my opinion, the answer to a lot of social and environmental problems that originate from the goods market. Buy one perfect thing in ten years, instead of something mediocre every year.

Väska 2

It’s bought from an artisan in New York who has a small brand called Art + Jill. I found it online on after searching stores and the web for a bag like this for over a year now. A year seems like a long time to look for something, but considering I’m going to use it for ten years it’s not so bad. Shipping to Finland would have cost a fortune but my cousin happened to be in New York so she brought it for me. I had the bag for a month already but I’m still happy every time I look at it! Hope this feeling lasts until I’m 31 😀

Väska 4

Once you go backpack you never go back? Well you don’t have to decide that with this bag. It’s a backpack, a handbag, a tote-bag, a computer-bag at once. The same bag is appropriate for a hike in the woods and for the office.

Väska 1 skog

Before deciding to buy the bag I e-mailed with Jill and asked her about the bag and its quality. It’s much nicer to buy something that’s one of a kind, and to buy it directly from the person who makes it. She wrote me this super cute note and gave me a little purse!


I didn’t have to wonder if it was made in a sweatshop (not like with the Ted Baker bag I decided not to buy after seeing the “made in China-tag” and not getting an answer to my e-mail about the company’s CSR). Jill and her partner Arthur makes the bags in New York themselves. The leather is dyed in New York and the leather is from Italy. I like knowing the whole production chain.

Väska 3

If you haven’t seen Cowspiracy I suggest you do it. In the light of that documentary buying leather might seem questionable. And yes, the whole animal industry is linked to many problems. However, many of the leather substitutes are really low quality and I don’t think that’s sustainable either. I have chosen to use leather but I try to buy only really good quality leather products and use them for a long time. The leather shoes you see me wearing in the picture are six years old (from 2009) and they have been repaired twice.

Everyone might not agree with me but I think it’s okay to buy a few quality leather products if you take well care of them. There is also different kinds of leather. Leather processing is also usually really bad but for example vegetable tanned leather is much more eco-friendly. Check out brands like moimoi, Väska and Lovia.  Buying vintage leather products is a really good option too, because that does not put any more demand on the cattle industry. After all, the less leather we need the better.

Mimi-minilaukku beige / musta

A bag from vegetable-tanned leather. Can be found here.

4 thoughts on “Don’t buy something unless it’s perfect

  1. Vitsi du har bra tankar igen och både din väska och dendär ljusröda e helt sjukt fina! 🙂
    Mvh, Anna Lehtola


    • Tusen tack, kiva att höra! Jaa, den ljusröda är nog en sak jag lite drömmer om men har inte hittills köpt den för jag behöver inte den egentligen 😀 Men man kan alltid låtsas-shoppa o bara kolla på fina saker 😀


  2. That’s like saying I’m vegan but I only eat steak once a month!! Any kind of animal product is bad. Period. Your justifications are pretty hilarious!


    • Haha that’s actually kind of my diet 😀 but if you think the actual killing of animals is ethically wrong I get what you mean. But for me that’s not so much a problem and that’s just an ethical question everyone will have to decide for themselves. I’m more about the emissions from animal industry. And yes, obviously I want animals to be treated well but in my definition of well a quick death without unnecessary pain can be included. Unfortunately there are a lot of cases where animals are treated in a horrible way but personally I don’t think the solution to that is everyone becoming vegan.


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