Terrorism and climate change

I have talked to several who have not heard that there is going to be a global climate summit in just a couple of weeks. Paris 2015 means terrorism, not a climate agreement to most people. Terrorism is scary because it’s horrible that there are people who want to kill other innocent people, and you can’t know when it will hit. That’s really scary, but at least officials are trying to do something about it. There are the double amount of police patrolling in major cities, the french police catch one of the main figures behind the attacks. They can’t bring people back to life and they can’t prevent every attack, but they are making an effort.

Do you know why climate change terrifies me more than any terrorist attack? Because I feel no one is doing anything about it. It feels like all politicians would be saying “well yeah we know that people will die in terrorist attacks but it’s too expensive to employ more police”. They wouldn’t say that would they? When it’s a question about peoples lives you just don’t say things like that. But why do they say that about Climate change? That it’s too expensive to fix?

Climate change can kill people too. Increased storms, drought, lack of fresh water…This will mostly affect developing countries. Is this why western politicians don’t care enough?

It´s understandable that the Climate march, a demonstration for an agreement at the World Climate Summit, is called off in Paris. Last weeks happenings were too horrible to take a risk of having thousands on the street. We just can´t risk another attack like that. My heart goes out to all the families and closed ones of the victims.

Despite that, I can´t help but being a bit disappointed about the march. Not that I would have been there, but huge events like a demonstration attract media attention. Media on the other hand influences the policy-makers, at least according to my media studies at the University of Helsinki… I think this march would have been great.

There were thousands of Finns on the streets when the government proposed lower wages. Humanity has no future if people just care about their wages but not about the earth that provides us with every damn thing that wage can buy and thing’s we can’t buy like fresh air to breathe. THIS, I think, would be a good reason not to go to work. A major strike around the world to remind politicians that we care what kind of a deal they make in Paris.

I’m really scared. The contrast between what scientist say about the problems and what politicians say about the solution. That’s really scary to me, because I care about all the million humans who will be affected by storms and drought. I care about the Finnish nature, the snowy winters. I care about having fresh air to breathe. I care about not leaving earth in a worse condition than when I got here. And I know many others do too, so join me on the Helsinki version of the Climate March! We need to put pressure on our politicans.


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