When you know you made the right desicion

I decided to try to be a vegetarian not out of pity for animals, but from rational calculations showing that a vegetarian diet is more resource efficient and does not contribute to climate change as much. It´s weird, two times it happened that people laughed when I explained this reason. To me that is like laughing when someone says the earth is round.There is a lot of scientific proof for my reason not to eat meat, just use google, or google scholar if you really want science. Or watch the documentary Cowspiracy on Netflix, it´s quite good!  However, this week a video clip from Finnish slaughterhouses was published. You can see it by clicking here to see it on Yles web, or here to see it on Youtube.

I would never ever have thought that it could be that bad in Finland. And I’m just sitting here being so happy that I stopped eating meat. So happy. Happier than all the combined times I enjoyed a great beef (before becoming a vegetarian). Okay death is a part of the circle of life, but for me at least there is some limit to what I would wish upon any living creature. And that limit was definitely crossed in those slaughterhouses.  I still eat wild animals that are hunted. They have a fair chance to escape and are not mass-killed, but individually.

Döda kor

I have never been an “vegetarian-activist”. I rarely comment on what other people eat, and they rarely comment me. But when a friend told me that my choice of diet could be compared to religious beliefs I became a bit annoyed. If I want to save resources and eating a plant-based diet does so, how on earth is this religious? I don’t even know what stupid metaphor I should use to make this clear. Saving resources is what every damn homo economicus would and should be doing! You don’t throw away money, because it has value. You don´t pay the same amount of money for getting only one thing instead of getting 10. I don’t “throw away” my soybeans on cows because I can have 10 meals instead of one by eating the beans and not the beef. That’s how simple it is.

Seeing how these animals are treated really evokes emotions. It´s horrific. It reminds me of when I visited Auschwitz. I know in my heart I made the right decision, not to eat industrially produced meat, whatever my motivations were when I made that decision.

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