Wearing a dress that matters

I’m back on the blog again after a couple weeks of super-studying and a weekend with a gala-style party! Most girls know the feeling of always wanting a new dress for a party…No matter how many dresses you have, new party, a wish for a new dress. That’s why I love changing and up-cycling old dresses! In the pictures I’m wearing my moms old dress, a dress that she got for her engagement party about 25 years ago. It was a formal dinner and I was required to wear a full-length dress, so I added a mermaid style hemline. The big shoulders are not very fashionable anymore so as you can see I made some changes there too…

My sewing machine broke down on the same day as the party so I actually had to sew a part by hand, panicking and sewing the dress still at the pre-party. i almost gave up in my hurry but my friends were so sweet and encouraged me to make the dress ready and wear it! They were right, it felt really good to wear a dress that matters. A dress with a long history. As I said many times, the more times you use stuff, the more sustainable! And who would not love feeling both pretty and sustainable?
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