It’s easy to forget when you live in the city

DSC_2521[1]If I have to choose one favorite thing about Finland I would say our forests. Not because they provided the paper industry with raw materials and gave Finland economic growth. No, just because they are wonderful. I just spent my weekend in the forest, and I loved it.

It’s easy to forget how relaxing the forest is when you live in the middle of a city. The reason I have been wandering in the forest is that I participated in a biology course organised by the University of Helsinki. I have now gained a new skill: I can collect food for myself without that much of a risk of being poisoned! The course was namely about mushrooms/fungi. I also had the chance to pick some berries.

Finnish broadcasting company Yle just wrote that Finns should eat more mushrooms. They are really healthy, full of protein and it can’t get much environmental friendlier than to eat food that nature has produced. It took an organised course to drag me out in the forest. I really should start doing that on my own. So every city-inhabitant, there are plentyof buses that in less than an hour from the centre of Helsinki can bring you to a forest to pick your own mushrooms!

Did you know that several mushrooms need dead trees to grow? It's a myth that humans need to "take care of" the forest by removing trees, the mushrooms need the dead ones.

Did you know that several mushrooms need dead trees to grow? It’s a common misconception that humans need to “take care of” the forest by removing trees.

There are other benefits of the forest than providing us food. The world would probably be a better place if people visited the forest more often. University of California just discovered that the forest make people kinder and less selfish! In addition to this, there are several studies showing that being in the nature (i.e. where there are not many humans or human buildings) is good for our mental health.

So I am actually quite relaxed now, despite having a deadline for a major essay in a few hours 😀


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