Homemade chips, it’s so easy!


Home made

A reason why I like challenging myself with things like trying to avoid plastic is that as a result I always find awesome ideas. For example how to make your own chips in 5 minutes! All you need is potatoes, oil, salt and a microwave.

I wanted chips but I did not want the plastic bag they come in. Well luckily it’s easy to find unpackaged potatoes, oil comes in class bottles and salt in cardboard boxes. This simple way to make chips is perfect for those who think there is usually too much in a regular bag of chips. For one person: make thin slices from 1-2 potatoes, using a potato peeler works pretty well. Then let the slices lay in cold water for a couple of minutes (results in more crispy chips). After that, it’s just to dip them in oil and salt, put them on a plate with baking paper and in the microwave for 3-5 minutes. The time depends on your micro but wait until they get a bit color and make sure they´re crispy and don’t skip the baking paper because otherwise the chips might stick to the plate.

A microwave uses relatively less energy compared to a stove or oven and we get to skip the plastic-bag. The best part still: this is delicious!!


In the making, a potato peeler is perfect to get thin slices.

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