Does your peeling cream end up in our food?

Micro-plastics or micro-beads, have you ever heard of them? You might have heard of them but because it’s quite hard to actually see them, it is difficult to know where they can be found. They are tiny beads of plastic that can be found in your cosmetic products like soap, toothpaste or peeling creams.

At the bottom of this page you can watch a really good, simple video that explains the whole problem of these micro-beads. They are small enough to pass through water-treatment plants and will most likely end up in the sea and lakes. Small seacreatures might then eat the plastic thinking it’s food. Bigger fish survive on eating plankton and small fish that has fed on plastic, which means that the plastic accumulates in their bodies. I just wrote about me eating quite a lot of fish, but it becomes really unhealthy if your peeling cream ends up in my fish.

Reading through the all the contents on every product can be exhausting but I will soon tell you what to look for anyways. Although,for me the easiest way to avoid microbeads has been to buy mostly eco-comethics. For example my toothpaste and face-wash both comes from eco-brands, Dr. Hauschka and Sante are to brands to be recommended. All my shampoos, conditioners and shower-soaps are from Lush where they also don’t use any micro-plastics in their cosmetics.

Check the products for contents like Microspheres,Micro-beads, Balls, Beads or  Microcrystals. Also if anything contains something that says “PE” it means it contains plastic. Avoid these products, because I don’t want your peeling cream in my food! Here is a link to a list of products containing micro-beads, I found a few products I used before on it. Scroll down the document and you will find a shockingly many products. Even the Body Shop who “is committed to protecting the planet” has a few products containing plastic! Even if the list is not exhaustive, there are shampoos, eye-shadows, shower-gels, foundations, hand-cremes and deodorants on that list, just to mention a few.

A further question is of course why micro-beads are allowed in the first place… I’m sure they will be forbidden in a few years, the legislation process is just way too slow. If you find it hard to believe that microbeads should really be forbidden, here’s some scientific proof. But until it’s actually forbidden, you can check your cosmetics yourself!

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