Buy the right fish- an easy ethical choice

Eating fish usually has less effect on the climate, compared to eating other animals. It’s healthier than meat and you get a lot of protein from fish too. In combination with the fact that fish tastes delicious it have led me to the decision to still eat fish, even if I quit eating meat.

Perch (abborre/ahven) fried in butter is so good.

Perch (abborre/ahven) fried in butter is so good.

It’s probably not news to anyone that the fish populations in the seas have been declining. The eco-system suffers, but what concerns me right now is that a lot of humans suffer from this too. Especially in poorer countries not getting fish from the sea might mean starving. And starving might mean more refugees. I think everyone agrees; there are already enough refugees as it is.

If the fish is cultured in the sea it also creates local problems. The excrement of the fish makes the water dirty. I think it’s obvious why this is a problem: everyone likes clean water more, it looks nice, smells nice, it’s healthier for all species and is nice to swim in!

The easiest way to know what fish to buy is to look for these three letters: MSC. It’s a certification for sustainable seafood, you can read more here. Tuna is a fish that should be forbidden to eat unless it’s certified. Always ask for MSC-certified fish at the counter! If enough customers do, they will eventually get more certified products to choose from.

WWF also has a really good “eat and don’t eat” list of fish. I always have it open on my phone when I’m in the store buying fish. You can find it here in Finnish or Swedish. If you don’t live in Finland, check the WWF website of your own country to see what fish is sustainable to eat in the region where you live.

I have made delicious meals of Finnish perch (abborre, ahven) fried in butter as well as pike (gädda, hauki) prepared in the same way. This is local fish that there is still enough of in the Baltic sea. Don’t buy wild salmon from the Baltic Sea, it’s endangered. When it comes to salmon I always buy certified organic (Luomu) salmon whenever it is available, it’s cultivated but they take the environment into consideration.

Pike perch (kuha/gös) is another favourite.

Pike perch (kuha/gös) is another favourite.

Happy fish meals!

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