A skirt made from waste

Hi everyone! Unfortunately it’s been a while since my last update but here I am again. I have been busy working and enjoying the nice weather now that summer finally arrived to the Nordic countries!

Warm weather meant I finally had the chance to wear a skirt. I really wanted a simple black skirt, but as I have decided not to buy from any “fast fashion” stores, finding one started to take too long. After looking through a few second hand stores I decided to make a skirt myself.

Then I just needed to find an ethically produced fabric. Have you heard of a clothing brand called Pure Waste? They make mostly hoodies and T-shirts from fabric that’s made from textile waste. Cotton plantations are rarely very friendly to the environment, so taking care of every tiny piece of fabric and making it into new fabric is brilliant. They don’t sell skirts at the moment but I managed to buy just the Pure Waste-fabric from their concept store in Helsinki. Check out their website here!

This is what the skirt ended up looking like, and the top is of course bought second hand 😉_20150811_085825

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