Disposable cups are partypoopers

Last week me and my roommate decided to randomly throw a party just because it’s summer and we like to throw parties. When you invite people over they do tend to expect that you can provide drinking glasses or cups. We even outdid everyone’s expectations by serving sangria, my awesome guacamole and home-made chocolate balls. Skipping to provide cups would however not have been an option. When you want to have cups for about 30 people in your little apartment and you don’t own an endless amount of tableware not using any disposable cups might become a little hard. I haven’t had the nerve to ask people to bring their own Keep Cups 😀 😀

photoshopped jag o sagaThis time we didn’t have to use disposable cups nor did we have to wash 30 cups. I tried a service that I had heard of but not used before: to borrow plastic cups from a place called Kierrätyskeskus (translated: Recycling center). The cups are hard plastic so they can be re-used. They wash them for you at a small cost so you don’t even have to do that!

So next time you host a big party, skip the disposable cups and borrow from Kierrätyskeskus instead! Here is some information in Finnish about where you can pick up the cups, plates, cutlery or whatever you might need.

I don’t know but hope this kind of service is available also in other cities and countries than Helsinki, Finland. It’s really great!

sangia muggar

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