Ruisrock festival-with recycling that really rocks

Environmental values is not the reason for anyone, including me, to visit the Ruisrock-festival in Turku this weekend. However, hearing about the efforts the festival arrangers do for the environment makes me really happy I chose this festival.

When you buy tickets, a voluntary donation to protect the Baltic Sea can be included in the ticket price. And the best part, the festival has better recycling opportunities than any this big public event I ever heard of! So everyone visiting Ruisrock this weekend, make sure that you are sober enough to tell the difference between paper, glass and metal 😉

They also encourage people to arrive to the festival by train, bus and bike. Me like.Read more (in Finnish) about the environmental efforts of Ruisrock at

I’m so looking forward to seeing Ellie Goulding performing tonight!

Kierrätys ruis

2 thoughts on “Ruisrock festival-with recycling that really rocks

  1. Jag gjorde ett projektarbete om Ruisrock på turismlinjen på Novia för några år sen, och av de i gruppen som sysslade med det här projektet valde jag att fokusera just på Ruisrock´s miljötänk och åtgärder – var riktigt intressant 🙂


    • Vad kul! Låter intressant. Det är faktiskt jätte bra att de har nåt miljötänk med ett så stort event i en nationalpark .Kom ni fram till nåt särskilt i arbetet :)?


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