To drive or not to drive a car…

I don’t mind driving a car, it can actually be fun. I like cars. I love how it’s so easy to get from one place to another in the countryside, where you would have to walk/bicycle for tens of kilometers or fetch the bus that goes only once per day. The thing I don’t like about them are their emissions. And thinking about the emissions today on the highway made me feel really, really bad. Even though these bad feelings probably won’t stop me from driving ever again, they really make me more picky about what car I want to drive if I some time get to choose.

When I have a lot of free-time there is no doubt of taking the bus/train (in most cases). But when I need to drive at work… No one is forcing me to drive, but I really would be working overtime unpaid if I wanted to take the bus. Why would they pay me to do something two times slower? Besides… the company I work for sells cars so driving a car at car-company makes sense.

I’m a realist. We are not getting rid of personal cars anytime soon. That’s why the cars need to be more efficient! ALL cars need to be more efficient, not just luxury hybrid models. The politicians always talk about how new technology will save the environment, well that´s bulls*it if so few people use the new technology!

The car I borrowed from my workplace today used about 6 liters of gas per 100 kilometers. I’m used to driving my mothers car that only uses about 3 liters per 100 km. So I was almost shocked when I saw how I needed to refuel so soon again, then I’m even more shocked when I start thinking about that some cars can use over 10 liters in the same distance!

Why, oh why, does not everyone buying a new car choose a hybrid model? Hybrids have existed for years…what if people affording to buy fancy cars would have bought them already years ago? Then there would also be more pre-used hybrids on the secondhand market for cars right now that are not ridiculously expensive.

Even if the ideal of course is to drive as little as possible, I really think it matters what car you drive when you drive every once in a while. As long as getting a more efficient car does not make people drive more…just because someone has an efficient car does not make it ok to drive more than they would do with any car.

If you can avoid driving, it´s wonderful. Congratulations to all of my friends who don’t have driver’s licenses, you´re the best. But for the rest of us who are not as environmentally friendly on this point… Could people who are buying new cars, pretty please buy only hybrid ones? Could people who are not buying cars, maybe persuade their parents, friends etc. who are, to buy hybrid cars? And a quite small cars that needs less energy, please? And with a solar panel on the roof? And please don’t drive with only one person in the car, please?

ps. A question: does anyone in Helsinki know if it’s possible to specifically request a hybrid car when you order a taxi, and from what company in that case? I really believe that if everyone requested hybrid taxis, the taxi drivers would be more likely to buy a hybrid next time they buy a new car!

ps 2. I usually drive my parents car about once per month so I really don’t drive a lot

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