Bicycling through beautiful Latvia

I just came home after a five day vacation in Latvia. No one ever told me there are such amazing beaches! Over 50 kilometers of white sand.

Travelling in your near region is obviously more eco-friendly than going far away. There are such amazing places in the near region that I haven’t visited before! Somehow it’s absurd that more Finns have probably visited Thailand than Latvia.

Lettland strandbild vers2 It’s easy to travel to Riga by boat and bus from Helsinki. The total trip is only 7h and the buses are comfortable. An even more eco-friendly way of travelling would of course be to bicycle all the way, but we didn’t have time. Nor am I sure I would actually have energy to do it 😀

Instead we explored Latvia by bike, the nature is absolutely beautiful! And the beaches…!! Our vacation was a perfect mix of activeness in the nature but also a bit of luxury and just taking it easy.

ps. Everything I’m wearing in the pictures is bought second hand, even my shoes 😉

Gå ner för trapporna+ kärrbild


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