On rainy days we make pancakes

The Finnish summer is what it is and I feel this won’t be the last rainy day this summer. On the positive side: in the summer half of the year the nature offers a lot of good food, entirely free! So here comes a nice recipe of what I made today.

There are all sorts of leaves and herbs that grow in the Finnish nature that taste delicious, the problem is often that especially us who live in cities, don’t know about them.

The delicacy of the early summer are nettles. They kind of taste like spinach and are perfect for soups and pancakes! And nettles grow everywhere, just make sure not to pick the ones growing next to the road. Exhaust fumes from the cars isn’t the healthiest choice to put in your mouth… I love picking my own wild food instead of buying vacuum-packed spinach from the supermarket.

1,5 liters of fresh nettles leaves

1,5 liters of fresh nettles leaves

Nässlor mixade

…turns into 2 dl mixed nettles

Nässlor smet

Nice and smooth batter!

Nettles-pancakes for 2 quite hungry persons:

Ingredients: 2 dl boiled nettles, 2 eggs, 2 dl oatmilk, 1 dl wholemeal flour, 1 dl wheat flour, 1/2 dl of cream and some salt. Scroll down if you want the recipe in Swedish or Finnish.

When you pick the nettles, only pick the really small ones. The big plants don’t taste good. Make sure to wear gloves so you don’t burn yourself! Take only the leaves and boil them for a couple of minutes (3-4 min). You need to pick about one liter because the leaves shrink when you boil them. Whip the eggs and the milk and mix in the flour. Put the nettles in the mixer before you add them to the batter. Then you just fry the batter like you do with any kind of pancakes!

nässelplätt steka

Ingredienser: 2 dl förvällda nässlor, 2 ägg, 2 dl havremjölk, 1 dl graham eller speltmjöl, 1 dl vetemjöl, 1/2 dl grädde och salt. Lätt som en plätt!

Ainekset: 2 dl keitettyjä nokkosia, 2 kananmunaa, 2 dl kauramaitoa, 1 spelttijauhoja, 1 dl vehnäjauhoja, 1/2 dl kermaa ja hieman suolaa.

They taste delicious with fish!

They taste delicious with fish!

2 thoughts on “On rainy days we make pancakes

    • Kiitos paljon, tosi kiva kuulla 🙂 ! Joo suosittelen nyt kun vielä on alkukesä ja vielä löytyy noita pienempiä nokkosia, jos ne kasvaa liian korkeaksi ne nimittäin ei enään maistu yhtä hyvältä!


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