Who needs a plane to travel?


Hi everyone, I’m on a bus to Vilnius, Lithuania right now with my friend Lukas! We are going on this trip with some fellow journalist students. I’m really looking forward to see Lithuania soon because I have never been there! Most of the group is actually flying but me and Lukas decided to take the bus anyways.

Travelling is my passion. I love exploring the world and I can’t wait to get out there again. In January this year I visited Tanzania, it was absolutely amazing. But, I did take the plane there which I feel bad for. But there is just no other smart way to get to Tanzania, I would have to travel trough dangerous regions if I traveled by boat and bus.

But I made a promise to myself: I will not fly again this year. One trip to Tanzania was enough. But do you think it means I won’t travel? It sure as hell does not! There are boats, busses and trains!


Tourist in Tallinn looking for the bus station! Photo: Lukas Rusk

We are locked in the idea that travelling equals flying. But that’s simply not true. There are wonderful ways to travel in a sustainable way.  All the Nordic and Baltic countries can also be reached easily by boat and bus.  Want to go to Asia? Take the Trans-Siberian railway from Moscow to Bejing! But of course, I know there are regions that are hard to reach from Europe without taking a plane. The whole American continent as well as the African continent are quite difficult to reach by anything else than plane, travelling from Europe. But what if we would stop flying to all the destinations that actually can be reached with bus, boat and train within just one day? With a job that requires constant travelling it could be really hard, but when it comes to our leisure trips we really have a choice. If we are in such a hurry that we can’t give up 12 hours to travel somewhere, we should just stay at home then or start having longer vacations?


Lukas was happy because there were screens where he could play Angry birds on the bus 😀

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