Instead of cheese and butter

In Finland rye bread with butter and cheese is very common to eat, so if one tries to avoid butter and cheese, what to eat instead? Continuing on the instead-of-dairy-products-theme.

I know I’m not the only person who thinks that margarine tastes…well it does not really taste anything. But there are other options! My parents used to buy this herb&vegetable pate/spread called Tartex when I was a kid. I hadn’t eaten it in a long time but now I did, and I still love it! The pate with some cucumber and self-grown herbs made a perfect sandwich. This is also a much healthier option than butter and cheese.
I buy Tartex from a store called Ruohonjuuri. The spread is organic and made in Germany. It’s quite expensive (about 4€) but so is cheese!

Oh,and I almost forgot to mention! The Tartex tube, or any other aluminium tube should of course be recycled as metal ♻!


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